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December 4, 2010
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Arttrade What's so Funny by SailorEnergy Arttrade What's so Funny by SailorEnergy
An artrade with :iconrenstudios: who asked me to draw her characters based on the Pacficators with Dary and others.

First, the guy in the wheelchair is Kenna, the freelancing Pacificator of Lightning with specializations in the revival of electricity based machines and systems (some are ancient). His power had taken some toll on his nervous system so he has some limitations on his motor functions. It's easier for him to sit on a wheelchair even he can walk only when needed.

Sal, the female one is Kenna'a therapist. Even T-Pacificators need some therapy it deal with the consequences of using their powers.

The guy next to Sal is Rikki, Kenna'a bodyguard and assisstant. In a way, Kenna and Rikki are kinda like brothers or something like that. :)

In this picture, Daryl is making a new friend with Kenna. They did not realize that Kenna is emitting a bit of static electricty that makes Daryl's hairs and on their ends. :XD:
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LittleKumaChan Oct 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I love Kenna and Daryl together, Saw a picture Ren did of those two back in the day.From what's been explaned to me from Ren the Pacificators seem pretty cool. :D

Also, I feel like I should get to know you because two of my friends :iconrenstudios: and :iconhomeboy8221: talk about you all the time. xD
Oh, thank you. Yep, right now, Ren's busy with college work. :) and did a bit of RP with :iconhomeboy8221: :nod:

Pacificators's my favorite project but it does have some issues that need to be fixed now that I have become more experienced. :nod: I also have Three Guardians and Namaka Hamou stories. :)

Thank you and hope to hear from you sometimes, :D
LittleKumaChan Oct 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, I am checking out your online comic. You have more patience then I do when it comes to drawing comics. I've tried before but attempts fail me. v-v Also I need stronger development in my characters. They're there but their background stories are still iffy.
yes, not to mention determined to finish something too. :nod:

yes, drawing comics take a lot of planning ahead and many manga-ka have to do it full-time with help of the assistants.

Scripts can help.

Character development is always hard and that's part of the reason why I do Pacificators to develop my character skills. :) It gets easier as one accumulates more knowledge and experience (history, reading on real people, mythology and whatever).
Let me ask :iconkittyocean: about that. I think she has the character files that may help you.
:rofl: oh man that's great! :D
emmystar Jan 12, 2011  Hobbyist
:giggle: Poor Daryl. It's quite hilarious with static electricity when you have long hair (which I have in real life)
Yep, and it actually happened to me too. :XD:
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